Out with the old…

Nov - 10 2016 | By

Now that I have quite some more time on my hands, I’ll be upgrading my infrastructure and (hopefully) blog about it. Here are a couple of bullet points about what’s coming:

  • Deployment of all modules via ansible.
  • Ubuntu + Nginx + Percona + PHP.
  • Fully encrypted partitions.
  • Webserver, Mailserver, DBServer, Jenkins Server, GIT Server, Common and Desktop Setups for Bare and Virtual Machines.
  • Automatic deploy of websites and GIT projects.
  • Full SSL and State of the Art protection mechanisms for Webservers and Mailservers (SSL, HSTS, DHKey Generation, DANE, DKIM, DMARC, etc.)
  • Jenkins CI with PHPCPD, PHPCS, PHPMD, PHPUNIT, Selenium and multiple other checks ready to go.