Well, that has happened…

Nov - 08 2016 | By

Sometimes (work) life throws you a cutter…

For me that simply means adapting to a new situation. There will be quite a couple of changes to what I do and how I do it in the future. Among other things, reworking my websites is definitely on the list, starting with this one. Enjoy the upcoming posts. I’ve always had plenty of ideas and maybe this time around I actually manage to get some things done the way I want them.

As a first step, it’s time to upgrade my hardware and software infrastructure. And blog about it.

For “Techies”: Let’s Encrypt will be my new SSL Certificate provider, and so far their service has been awesome. And, pending a donation, they are free!

For everyone else: For now that just means that the little green “Lock” next to my URL name in your browser will stay green and communication with my websites stay as secure as ever.