Nov - 20 2016

Setting up DigitalOcean (Referral Link!) Droplets is extremely simple. For the purposes of the guides on this page, we need only an absolute minimum setup: Register with DigitalOcean (Again, this is a referral link!) or log in if you already have an account. They require you to do an initial deposit of 5$. With their cheapest plan […]

Nov - 12 2016

Before setting up, we’ll need to break down what we want to do in the first place. My distribution of choice is Ubuntu, mostly because it is supported by a lot of providers out of the box, but also rather simple to set up. With a little experience in other *nix distributions you should be […]

Nov - 10 2016

Now that I have quite some more time on my hands, I’ll be upgrading my infrastructure and (hopefully) blog about it. Here are a couple of bullet points about what’s coming: Deployment of all modules via ansible. Ubuntu + Nginx + Percona + PHP. Fully encrypted partitions. Webserver, Mailserver, DBServer, Jenkins Server, GIT Server, Common […]

Nov - 08 2016

Sometimes (work) life throws you a cutter… For me that simply means adapting to a new situation. There will be quite a couple of changes to what I do and how I do it in the future. Among other things, reworking my websites is definitely on the list, starting with this one. Enjoy the upcoming posts. […]